Wake up & GoGo Tea - Hormone & Monthly Cycle Support with 15 FREE Tea Bags

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Wake up & GoGo - Hormone & Monthly Cycle Support

Wake up & GoGo is designed to support the female body and help relieve PMT symptoms. It should be enjoyed throughout the month but is extra beneficial during the menstrual period.
The combination of fruits, herbs & raspberry leaf boosts your energy levels, eases anxiety, reduces cramps and PMT.
100% natural, caffeine free, plant powered goodness and focused on hormonal balance, regularity & symptom relief. Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants which are also great for general health and the condition of your skin & hair!
* Not suitable for expectant mums under 34 weeks
Designed to support the female body, rebalance hormones and relieve the symptoms of PMT. Get relief from:
Monthly premenstrual tension symptoms

Kick start your day with our Wake Up & GoGo blend - a fruity infusion of raspberry leaf, raspberries, apple, rose hip, chamomile & strawberries.


Raspberry leaf, raspberries, apple, rose hips, lime blossoms,camomile, beetroot, aroma, elderflowers, strawberries, black chokeberries. May contain traces of nut