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Guardian Angel Naturals - Our Family & Our Mission

We're a family run business which was founded by myself, Daniela, and my husband, Andrew. We first started making our own natural products for our son as he suffered from eczema when he was a baby. Prescribed and "off the shelf" pharmaceutical products seemed to make it worse so I decided to research heavily into natural products and formulations that I could make myself.  Healing Touch Skin Repair Cream was our first formula and it immediately cleared my son's eczema. It's now our "go to" family remedy for any skin issues-eczema, dry/chapped skin, cut's, burns etc.

Nature Knows Best!

The more we researched, the more we realised that most of the branded cosmetic products we used on our family were with many added chemicals that were far from child friendly and potentially carcinogenic so not really the quality we thought we were paying for.

As we developed and used more of our own natural products, it was soon evident that the whole family were benefiting from using natural products on our skin and hair. If formulated correctly, nature knows best!

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

To continue our journey to become closer to nature and more sustainable, we have teamed up with the best U.K. suppliers so we can offer our customers the best quality natural and environment friendly products and detergents that are affordable and effective.

Focusing on excellent quality and attention to detail, Guardian Angel Naturals creates health & beauty products that prioritise natural and organic ingredients, cruelty-free testing and are free from harsh chemicals.

Guardian Angel Naturals sources and uses the best quality Fair Trade Natural & Organic Natural ingredients.

We’re very selective and careful about our ingredients and how we create our products, and we hope this helps you to protect your families and our planet at the same time. It isn’t always easy to find products that are both good for people and the environment, and that’s where we come in to help.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or how we support healthy people and a healthy planet.

Handmade with Love for our Family and Yours.



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