Happy Blend Tea - Cacao, Cinnamon, Rose and Schisandra Berries

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Happy Blend Tea 75g

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A delicious combination of Cacao, Cinnamon and Rose Petals and Schisandra Berries creates our little hug in a mug.

If you’re feeling blue or just need some extra positivity in your day, our Happy Blend is perfect for you.

A delicious combination of Cacao, Cinnamon and Rose Petals for our little hug in a mug. We learnt about this combo in India, where each of those ingredients is touted for having heart-opening, happiness-inducing and hormone-balancing properties.

Then we added in some of our own magic, in the form of Schisandra Berries, which in Chinese Medicine are believed to help build resilience to stress and are brilliant source of energy. The result is a real pick-me-up, perfect whenever you need a little boost of positivity in your life.


Add 2 to 3 teaspoons to a teabag or infuser


Cinnamon, Cacao Shells, Rose Petals, Rose Buds, Schisandra Berry, Damiana