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Together Health Vitamin C – Vegan – 30 Capsules

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Citrus Fruit-Based Vitamin C
Our whole food Vitamin C is made with pure, pesticide-free oranges and lemons. This means our vitamin C capsules come with all the natural constituents of these vibrant fruits to improve absorption, retention and utilisation of vitamin C in your body.

Naturally Effective Ingredients
Our bodies absorb vitamins and minerals best when they're part of a food complex, whilst still making sure they're gentle on the stomach. Our whole food Vitamin C is raw and complete. We use carefully controlled low-heat conditions, locking in all the naturally occurring co-nutrients like live enzymes, phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals and other bioactive co-factors.

Why Vitamin C Is Best Complete
In supplement form, vitamin C is most commonly offered in isolated (and synthetic) forms. But the thing is, when we eat food vitamin C is complete - and contains other natural cofactors including bioflavonoids, enzymes, amino acids, trace minerals and other bioactive co-factors. These offer their own health-giving properties, and are necessary for effective absorption, retention and utilisation of vitamin C.

Easy On Your Stomach
Taking a supplement in its complete vitamin C form has other benefits, too. Isolated ascorbic acid can cause upset stomach, heartburn, cramps, and headaches in some of us, especially at high doses which is the norm with isolated forms.

But don’t worry. Our vitamin C is complete, so you can be sure it’s gentle. Just like the vitamin C you get from oranges. Only more powerful.


30 capsules • 1 a day • 30 day supply


Citrus pulp providing Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids. Capsule (Vegetable cellulose).

1 capsule provides on average (NRV):
Vitamin C: 140mg (175%);
Bioflavonoids: 7mg (*)

NRV = Nutrient Reference Values. *Indicates no NRV.

Why customers love Together Health:
• Certified Vegan
• Naturally effective
• Clean & Pure
• Gentle on the Stomach
• Certified Cruelty-Free
• Transparent Manufacture
• Third Party Tested
• Plastic Free
• Proud Supporter of Vitamin Angels
• 40 Industry and Consumer Awards