The Zinc Solution - Colloidal Zinc 110ml

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COLLOIDAL ZINC - Essential Immune Support
Zinc is an essential trace mineral nutrient that is essential for a functional and effective immune system. Nano Colloidal Zinc provides this in a highly pure, bioavailable supplement that requires less Zinc to be effective.
Zinc may support healthy skin & vision, optimal immune system function, and learning + memory.

Studies on Zinc suggest that:

  • Zinc supports the body’s defences
  • The human body needs Zinc to support essential immune responses
  • Zinc supports a balanced immune system
  • Zinc is highly beneficial for good skin health

Take 10-20ml per day or as required. 50ml twice per day may be taken as a boost for 5 days. If using the spray, spray as required in the mouth, nose, eyes, hands, or on any skin surface.
Size: 110ml 
*Always use as directed and see your healthcare professional if any symptoms persist.


High Quality Colloidal Zinc 10ppm/10mgL using 99.99% pure Zinc,
High Quality Colloidal Copper 0.5ppm/0.5mgL using 99.99% pure Copper.