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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massager

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Rose quartz is soothing and promotes self love, reflection and acceptance.
Revive and enhance your skincare ritual with our Rose Gua Sha, ancient beauty therapy massage tool as a natural way to achieve skin health and a radiant, youthful complexion.

8cm (L) x 6.5cm (W)

Naturally calming, rose quartz is the gemstone most ideal for sensitive and reactive skin, and conditions such as rosacea and acne. It is said to open up the heart chakra, making it conducive to healing. Keep it in the freezer for even more benefits.

Utilising the traditional power of rose and discovering the benefits from ancient Chinese beauty methods, this innovative tool is designed to target tired and puffy skin through lymphatic drainage, which in turn improves blood circulation.


  • Collagen Stimulation
  • Improved Skin Elasticity
  • Relaxed Facial Muscles
  • And a Detoxed Complexion

Usage and Care

1. Wash your skin with normal cleansing products.
2. Apply your oil, cream or serum to your body.
3. Glide the gua sha stone gently over your skin.

1. Wash your skin with normal cleansing products.
2. Apply your cream or serum to your face and neck.
3. Use upward motions to move the gua sha scraper gently over your forehead, cheeks, around your lip area and neck. Close your eyes and roll gently over your eyelids if you have puffy eyes.
4. Use the gua sha stone on your face and neck for 5–10 minutes.
5. Use the tool 3 times a week to reduce lines and wrinkles.
6. Clean your gua sha scraper with soap and water after every use.

Net Weight: 100g