Reusable Konjac Mask Bamboo Charcoal - Acne Prone Skin & Blackheads

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Reusable Konjac Mask Bamboo Charcoal - Acne Prone Skin & Blackheads

A mask made exclusively from authentic Konjac roots, 100% natural and reusable thanks to the antibacterial properties of Natural Konjac fibers. This bamboo charcoal mask deeply hydrates the skin and balances the pH of your skin. Use the mask regularly promotes blood circulation and reduces drying of the skin. It significantly reduces excess oil, helps fight against acne and blackheads while making the skin look brighter.

You can put the mask in the refrigerator at least 2 hours before use for more freshness.
The mask is reusable, it is advisable to put it in its resealable bag after use and keep it in the refrigerator.
When the mask no longer contains serum, you can extend its life by adding a suitable solution that you pour into the bag so that the mask impregnates.

- Mixed, oily and acneic skin.
- Enriched with bamboo charcoal.
- Biodegradable, without coloring or additives.
- Reduces excess sebum, fight against acne and blackheads.
- Balances the pH of the skin.

Features :
- Neat packaging, individual hermetic resealable bag.