Reusable Organic Bamboo Castor Oil Pack - Body Wrap

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Reusable Bamboo Castor Oil Pack - Body Wrap

The strap of the castor oil packs is elastic and adjustable. You can adjust it to your body for the perfect fit, and they work with different waist sizes to move around and get other jobs done.

There is a small storage bag in the middle of the castor oil pack, you can put ice packs or hot water packs according to your personal preference, to promote the body's absorption of castor oil or to cool down. It can be used many times after cleaning.

This inner layer is made of high-quality, organic bamboo wool flannel, free of any chemicals, soft and hypoallergenic. The outer layer is made of TPU cotton that stops leakage and insulates any heat/ice packs used.

Size: 48cm x 24cm x 18cm
Features a zipper pocket to store a heat or ice pack for extra comfort.

  • Castor oil pack wrap enhance liver detoxification and colon cleansing, helping with digestion and constipation. It also improves blood circulation, which improves your sleep quality and physical condition.
  • Pain relief and the reduction of inflammation - In modern medicine, drugs are widely prescribed to help combat pain and inflammation, despite evidence indicating their potential to adversely affect the digestive tract and hinder the ability of joint tissues to heal and repair. Castor oil can be used as a safer alternative, with topical application of it shown to be highly effective.
  • Detoxification and improved liver function - Castor oil can also be effective in supporting detoxification and liver function. One theory suggests that this efficacy is due to its emission of white light, which is believed to penetrate deep into the tissues, and stimulate cellular energy to reduce congestion and the stagnation of fluids.