Pukka Peace Organic Herbal Tea 20 Bags

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Pukka Peace Organic Herbal Tea 

Peace herbal tea balances the natural flavours of ashwagandha, with the floral notes of chamomile and lavender and the refreshing hints of spearmint and hemp, Blended by in-house herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality organic ingredients, our herbal creation combines the latest scientific research with traditional herbal wisdom to naturally supports your mind and body's natural response to life's pressures, 

Ashwagandha: Classed as a modern-day ‘adaptogen’, ashwagandha adapts to the needs of the body, inviting positive energy, re-instating balance and relaxing you,

Chamomile & Lavender: Chamomile’s essential oils naturally calm the body, whilst lavender is traditionally known to uplift spirits, ease emotional worries and promote relaxation,

Spearmint: Added for its refreshing effects, spearmint helps to soothe inner tension, providing a settling feeling of comfort,


Infuse for up to 15 minutes in freshly boiled water
Boiling just the water you need helps make every cup of Pukka tea as sustainable as it can be.


100% organic ingredients: Chamomile flower, spearmint leaf (36%), licorice root, lavender flower, ashwagandha root (5%), hemp seed oil granules (4%)

10% FairWildTM certified ingredients (licorice) by dried weight.

46% fair trade ingredients certified according to the Fair for Life standard - chamomile flower, licorice root

All ingredients are tested by our team of experts to ensure our blends are of the highest quality and are protected by our FSC® certified recyclable paper sachets that retain the quality and flavour until you are ready to enjoy, Part of our herbal calm range, this combination of organic herbs is naturally caffeine-free and contains ethically and sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly ingredients.