Make it Special with Angel's Luxury Baby Gift Set

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Angel's Luxury Mum-to-Be Gift Set Includes:
  1. Angel's Small Gift Box
  2. Smooth As... Baby Cream 120ml
  3. Healing Touch Skin Repair Cream 60ml
  4. Giggly Goo All Natural Baby Oil 100ml
  5. No Scent! Soap 125g
  6. Also includes a FREE 'Smooth As...' Baby Soap

Smooth As... is a light blend of all natural ingredients formulated especially for Baby Sensitive Skin.

Suitable baby's eczema, cradle cap and dry skin. We do not use essential oils for our baby/sensitive products as these can be too harsh for sensitive & troubled skin. We gently macerate our own Calendula and Chamomile oil using natural flowers and Unrefined Virgin Coconut or Olive Oil.


Healing Touch Skin Repair Cream is a delicate blend 100% Natural Ingredients that have been specially formulated to treat, repair and relieve skin conditions such as eczema, irritated and dry skin, baby rash, minor burns, cuts and scars.

This skin repair balm is your Guardian Angel for the whole family as it is safe to use for all ages. It can be used as a daily moisturiser as it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves no greasy residue.


Giggly Goo Baby Oil is a specially formulated blend of the best natural oils to nurture and protect baby's skin. We don't use essential oils for our baby products as these can be harsh on babies skin. Our oils are macerated so they can be used on baby from birth.


No Scent Soap Bar is a pure, natural & unscented soap suitable for the most sensitive skin. The ingredients have been specially selected to give a mild and gentle clean that is suitable for the whole family, any age.

Eczema and other skin conditions can't just be "fixed" with creams & balms, the soaps you use are just as important. Our Smooth As... &  No Scent soap's have been formulated to gently clean and moisturise troubled skin.

FREE! Smooth As... Natural Goats Milk and Calendula  Soap Bar. From our gentle Smooth As... range. A soap for every age - from birth to retirement!
Suitable for all skin types, ideal for sensitive &  problematic skin, for the whole body and face. Extremely gentle and caring for the most delicate skin!