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HemorrEase - Natural Hemorrhoid Relief

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HemmorEase  - Angel's all natural hemorrhoid ointment.
About half of the population in developed countries suffers from haemorrhoids, in which hemorrhoids are damaged and inflamed veins in the area of the rectum. A person can protect himself from the problem of hemorrhoids with the help of a diet, and if the case is not severe, they can be cured by natural means.
Hemorrhoids can be internal or external. HemmorEase is suitable for external and internal hemorrhoids, as well as for bleeding ones and is safe to use by pregnant women.

Size: 60ml


It is advisable to apply to the affected area (both internally and externally) twice a day, after cleaning with water.

Use the whole jar for treatment- even if the symptoms have subsided.
Shelf life is 4 months after its opening if kept at room temperature or 6 months if stored in a refrigerator.


Organic unrefined coconut oil, aloe vera butter, aloe vera powder, sulphur.