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Happy Tea - Mood Lifting & Happiness with 15 FREE Tea Bags

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Happy Tea - Mood Lifting & Happiness

Our Happy Tea blend is uplifting and a great natural option to lift you from a low mood, reduce anxiety and balance mood swings.

Perfect to enjoy at anytime, our Happy tea blend can support you with:
Low mood
Balancing mood swings
Reduce morning bloating
Reduce fatigue
Cleaning your skin
Refreshing and light with a hint of citrus and lemongrass.

* St Johns Wort is a powerful herb. Always check with your GP if you are on any medication, don’t drink alongside antidepressants or if pregnant/breastfeeding or taking hormonal birth control/the pill.

Approx. 100g of loose leaf tea


Mistletoe, Bean Peel, St John’s Wort, Birch Leaves, Aroma, Lemon Grass, Ginko Nettle Leaves (may contain traces of nuts.)