FLU BUSTER - Lemon & Fiery Ginger Tea with 15 Free Tea Bags

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FLU BUSTER - Lemon & Fiery Ginger Tea

For those who needs a good refreshing citrusy, vitamin boost!

The longer you leave to brew, the more fiery it will become!
Add some honey to sweeten or to help soothe a sore throat   

Tastes like - Refreshing citrus with fiery ginger! 

Best for- Boosting vitamin intake & immune system 

Brew a heaped tablespoon per mug or small teapot for 3-5 mins.

Ingredients - Pieces of ginger, Dried Lemon slices & Lemongrass

Net weight



Pieces of Ginger, Dried Lemon Slices & Lemongrass. May contain traces of nuts.