Bee Baltic Raw Propolis - 30g

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Since ancient times Baltic Elders were using Raw Propolis as a general natural antibiotic. Known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory healing properties, Baltic folk medicine uses propolis to combat infections, viruses, the flu, wounds, burns, ulcers, and many more health conditions. Worker bees collect tree resins, buds and sap and mix them with beeswax, stomach enzymes, to create propolis. Unlike the use of synthetic drugs and antibiotics, bacteria and viruses do not acquire resistance to bee propolis. Safe for adults and children alike, it can be used directly to remove toothache or boot immunity, or it can be used as a DIY product.

Like all Bee Baltic products, our Raw Propolis is 100% natural and retains all its healing properties. Our harvesting processes allow our propolis to retain all of the natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral healing properties your body deserves. Easy to use, Raw Propolis can be sprinkled over salad or porridge and can be chewed directly in the mouth. You can also add it to Beeswax Cubes and melt it to enhance the aroma in your room. Whether it's for everyday use or as a special gift, Raw Propolis is ideal for anyone looking to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level. 

At Bee Baltic, our family of devoted beekeepers use ethical practices to kindly harvest honey and beeswax produced by our bees. From our hives to your home, we take great pride in providing our clients with pure, wildcrafted, and sustainably sourced raw honey. From candles and food wraps to healing balms, organic honey, and moisturising soaps, we can turn your ideas into reality with our pure honey. A true nature’s blessing, our organic Raw Propolis is 100% natural and unfiltered so it retains all of its healthy properties. Whether it's for everyday use or as a special gift, Bee Baltic products are perfect for everyone! 

Each box contains 30g of Raw Propolis


Store in a cool, dry place. You can also make your own bee propolis tincture at home! Simply add some propolis to a glass container and pour over a high percentage spirit (at least 70%). Store it for a couple of weeks, shaking every now and then to mix the contents. After two weeks, filter the contents through a clean cheesecloth. It’s that easy. Apply your own made propolis tincture to scars, warts, or use it to treat many other health concerns.