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Apple Sea Moss Gummies with Bladderwrack and Burdock Root

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Suave Sea Moss - Sea Moss Gummies with Bladderwrack and Burdock Root


The powerhouse of antioxidants, combining science and nature.

Do your vitamins taste this good?

Benefit from the best natural mood enhancement available, with just 2 Gummies of Suave Essential a day. Due to its combination of high-strength minerals/vitamins from Irish Sea moss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root, you can make every day your best!

Plus at just 10 calories a serving who can blame you if you decide to eat a few more as a snack?!

✔️Reduces feeling of tiredness

✔️Healthier skin, hair and nails

✔️Reduces inflammation and joint pains

✔️Enhances metabolism and promotes better digestion

✔️Reduces junk food cravings

✔️5% Of All Profits Donated To Mind Mental Health Foundation

60 Gummies per bottle.
Store in a cool dark place.


Adults & Children - 2 Gummies per day


10kcal per serving.
500mg Irish Sea Moss, 300mg Burdock Root Powder, 300mg Bladderwrack per serving.

Irish sea moss, bladderwrack, burdock, malt syrup, water, sugar, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavours, carnauba wax

Size: 60 Gummies - 1 month supply