Angel's Natural Toothpaste - Citrus or Mint & Citrus Flavours

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Angel's Natural Toothpaste - The toothpaste not only cleans the teeth, but gently brightens them and is the perfect combination of natural ingredients that help daily relief and prevention of tooth sensitivity, strengthens and mineralizes tooth enamel, so your mouth, teeth, gums and smile will stay sparkling and beautiful for longer!

Vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, Calcium, Magnesium, and daily brushing and flossing are essential for healthy teeth and gums. To clean teeth, nothing is more effective than baking soda - it polishes and brightens teeth naturally and gently. Coconut oil provides the perfect antibacterial protection of the oral cavity.

Angel's Natural Toothpaste is naturally flavoured in the following flavours:

* Mint and Citrus

* Citrus 


Use the same as any other toothpaste - spoon small amount on your brush and brush your teeth for about 2 minutes and rinse.

*For babies and young children use tiny amount of the toothpaste,  and do not worry if they do not rinse -  swallowing a small amount is not harmful

Shelf life and storage - Use at room temperature, it will be softer and easier to use.


Organic unrefined coconut oil, natural calcium powder,  natural xylitol, bicarbonate powder, essential oils - Spearmint (optional), Grapefruit, Orange, Myrrh.

Available in 60ml quality amber glass jars.