Budget Cotton Castor Oil Pack - Neck & Body

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Budget Castor Oil Pack - 2pcs Cotton Castor Oil Pack (no castor oil included)

1 x Body Wrap and 1x Neck Wrap

Material: Cotton Flannel and Polyester

Cotton Wrap Size: 48cm x 24cm x 18cm
Features a zipper pocket to store a heat or ice pack for extra comfort.

Comfortable to Wear - Castor oil pack wrap is made of cotton flannel on the inner layer while out layer is made of polyester to help prevent oil leaking when you use it. You can adjust elastic straps according to your waistline.

Multiple Benefits - Castor oil neck wrap helps nourish, calm inflammation and stimulate good blood flow, and castor oil waist wrap helps you get a good night's sleep, promotes blood circulation, intestinal drainage and digestion, increases fluid flow through the lymphatic system.


Wash 2-3 times before use. Apply castor oil evenly to the middle of the castor oil wrap, then adjust to comfortable angle and tie it to your body and secure it in place, and wear it well for about 1 hour. Do not use castor oil packs when you are pregnant.
Zipper Pouch - This castor oil pack wrap has a pouch designed to store a heat/cold pad to accelerate the absorption or relieve pain if necessary.
Castor Oil Pack for Waist
Step1. Lay the pack flat with soft cotton side facing up.
Step2. Apply massage oil to the pack evenly on the middle of the pack, avoiding the edges.
Step3. Adjust the elastic straps to place the wrap around liver area.
Step4. Add an optional heat/cold pack in the pocket for better circulation.
Castor Oil Pack for Neck
Step1. Squeeze a small amount of castor oil into the palm of your hand
Step2. Gently spread evenly on the neck
Step3. Adjust the castor oil pack to fit your neck comfortably
Step4. Enjoy quietly for 30~45 minutes to effectively improve the skin condition
Material: flannel and polyester
Color: Khaki