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12 million of us in the UK use electric toothbrushes, and the recommended time-frame to replace brush heads is every 3 months. Mainstream toothbrush heads however are very hard to recycle and most of the time head straight to landfill, which amounts to an enormous quantity of waste being produced everyday from this one staple part of our daily routines!

Live Coco brush heads however are completely recyclable, giving a realistic answer to this excessive form of plastic pollution.

Personal Benefits

Choose from charcoal or soft bristles.

Charcoal bristles: each bristle is infused with Binchotan Charcoal which helps remove impurities, plaque, stains and odour-causing bacteria.

LiveCoco Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads

Soft bristles: perfect for those with sensitive teeth & gums.

Both bristle types are long lasting, helping you save money as they need to be replaced less often.


🌱 Includes two toothbrush heads
🌱 Coloured bands on each head for easy identification
🌱 Choice of charcoal bristles or soft bristles
🌱 Compatibility: Any Oral-B or Braun electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head, excluding iO versions. Any Superdrug/Asda/Aldi electric toothbrush that is supplied with a circular brush head.

Safety warning: please ensure that the brush head is not easily removable after attaching it to your electric toothbrush. It must be attached in a secure manner before use.


Once you're finished with your brush heads, send them back to LiveCoco and they will be recycled! Live CoCo offers free recycling to customers in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Netherlands and Ireland.

A free recycling return envelope is included in the box. Simply pop your brush heads in the envelope and post from your local postbox - simple!